AlcoholEdu & Haven: Sexual Assault Prevention


New students are required to complete the Haven: Understanding Sexual Assaultâ„¢ Program, which educates students on issues associated with stalking, relationship violence and sexual assault. Students learn about consent, how to help a friend, and how to intervene in a situation that might escalate to sexual assault. Built in collaboration with leading researchers and practitioners, Haven is an interactive module designed to engage and empower students to create safe, healthy campus environments. This course meets the educational mandate of the 2013 Federal Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act.


Students under age 23 must complete the AlcoholEdu for College Program. AlcoholEdu is an interactive, online program designed to inform students about how alcohol affects the body, mind, perceptions and behaviors.  The research-based course offers accurate information in a non-judgmental tone, while providing personalized feedback that encourages students to consider their own drinking decisions and those of their peers.

Both AlcoholEdu and Haven have two parts:  Part 1 of AlcoholEdu and Part 1 of Haven are due by the first day of classes, August 26. Students must score an 80% or higher on the AlcoholEdu final exam to pass the course. Students who have not completed Part 1 for both courses by the deadline will receive registration holds for the following semester.  Part 2 of each course is available six weeks after students have completed Part 1.

***Please note that CSU does not accept course completions from other institutions, and cannot waive this requirement.***

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