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Volume 2 - Issue 5

By Matt Hodak

So for the many who have transferred this semester, you have made it through your first full month of classes. Congratulations! By now the semester has started to pick up and you are off getting involved, learning your way around the town and the culture of the campus, and as I’m sure you’ve noticed, the school work has begun to pick up as well!

As transfer students, we are no strangers to the start of a new semester. While in a different school and another setting, there are still classes to attend, professors to lecture, and syllabi to distribute. Though, now that those first few weeks have passed, the school semester is starting to pick up, as assignments are coming due and tests are well on their way! For this month’s set of reflections, I want to stress the importance of staying ahead in classes and taking advantage of the different avenues of success available to you through your new university home.

In addition to staying involved and being sure to establish your own environment here at CSU, it can also be important to consider your future and really determine what goals you wish to reach. Once you consider where you would like to go after your college experience – even if those ideas are very general or they seem hard to reach – it becomes much easier to ground yourself, focus on the importance of doing well in classes, and take them seriously.

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CSU is giving international students the opportunity to learn basketball 101 in a fun environment! Basketball 101 introduces international students to the exciting pastime of basketball and what it means to be a Rams Fan! Students will receive presentations from Ram Ruckus, the university’s booster club, and other various athletic speakers to get them excited about basketball and being a Rams fan here at CSU.

Students will also be exposed to history of basketball and the basics of the how the game works. Basketball 101 participants also attend games as a group, including the biggest and most exciting like the CSU vs. New Mexico State game!

“Football 101 is one of my favorite events, so I’m glad we’ve added a Basketball 101 for our international students so they can experience some ‘Moby Madness’,” said Gary Ozzello, senior associate director of athletics who teaches international students about football each year.

“I’m really looking forward to helping these students enjoy the game and find out what it’s like to be a Ram.” Basketball 101 is just another example of CSU commitment to creating an involved and diverse student body! GO RAMS!

February 2012
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February 3rd- March 30th:

Recyclemania on-campus. RecycleMania is a friendly competition and benchmarking tool for colleges and universities to promote recycling and waste-reduction practices on campus. Look for activities surrounding this competition on the plaza and always remember to RECYCLE!





Job Fair


TED Talks at CSU: Do you want to learn more about sustainability and community?

Attend TEDxCSU 2013: Expanding Your Perspectives on March 2, 2013 from 1 p.m. – 6 p.m. in the Lory Student Center Theater!

You can expect engaging discussions, free food, great entertainment, and three sessions of passionate speakers from your community. The speakers for this year's event are:

Kathleen Baumgardner: "Tale of Community"

Jeni Cross: "Three Myths of Behavior Change: What You Think You Know That You Don’t"


Mairi-Jane Fox - "The Answer is More Car Accidents and Cancers: Do we need a new question? Taking a close look at Economic Growth"

Dan Jaspersen: "Blur the Line"

Josh Kaufman: "The First 20 Hours – How to Learn Anything"

Patricia Jolly: "Jaime and the Tapir"

Tamara G. Kleinberg: "How Entrepreneurs Elevate Communities and Change the World"

Juwon A. Melvin: "Should You Make Money or Make a Difference?"

Wes O’Rourke: "BEarth-day: The Gift that Gives"

Michael F. Steger: "What Makes Life Meaningful?

Brook “Queen Bee” Yates: "The Power of Receiving"Get tickets at the iBOX! For more info:



Mens Basketball Game at Moby Arena:

March 9, 6:30 pm. Come celebrate this fantastic Senior team with a presentation for seniors Dorian Green, Wes Eikmeier, Pierce Hornung, Colton Iverson, and Greg Smith.

Also, join in the recognition of the band, cheer, and pom squads. Get your tickets at the iBOX asap. They go on sale March 6th bright and early!


There are many ways to connected on campus. Here are a few different places to look for information about resources, campus events and news.

Orientation and Transitions Transfer Resource Page:

This is a great spot to find resources for departments and services for students throughout the entire campus. Check out the TILT Learning Programs for information about free tutoring.

Your CSU Email Account:

Any information that the university needs to send to you will be sent to this email address. Just like other email accounts, you can forward any email sent to this account to a personal account of your choice.

Colorado State University Homepage:

The mecca of information about CSU is here. Take a minute to browse through the site for information about all things Ram!

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TRANSFORM is a product of the Orientation and Transition Programs' Transfer Mentoring Program. For more information, please contact the office of OTP. Your commends and feedback are appreciated!

Newsletter Editor - Matt Hodak

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Support while in college is invaluable-being transfer students however, with various life experiences and places, can create challenges when trying to build a network that can both encourage you and keep you accountable. If you are having trouble finding your place here at CSU, please don't hesitate to contact your Transfer Mentor-we're here to help you find your support!


REFLECTIONS - continued from page 1

By now, many students have had their first exams in classes, and some are even on their second round of exams! Now is the time in the semester to evaluate the grades you have and really make a plan to get them where you want them to be in the future. Will you want to study more for the next exam? Do you need to reevaluate the style of notes you take in class? Has everything been going the way you want it to? If your grade is not as ideal as you would like it to be, talk to your professor, and make yourself known to that professor in person. Even just introducing yourself to your instructor is a step to show that you care and you are willing to be invested in his or her class.

Next, take advantage of professors who offer their help throughout the semester. During my four semesters here, I have had over four professors offer to meet with students before a paper or speech is due to help with any revisions or give any professional advice before turning it in. If the same person who is grading my paper is willing to meet with me and give pointers on how to improve it, why wouldn’t I take advantage?! While writing a term paper, I visited the professor before it was due; she looked over it and gave exact advice on where I should change wording and add more content to different sections. Many professors are willing to work with their students, and they want to see you succeed! Keeping in contact and good relations with your professor will help establish a better connection and strengthen your interest in the topic.

I'm sure that by now you have figured your own ways toward staying academically successful, and I hope these help supplement what has already been working for you! You have already made it through SIX weeks of classes, and you are well on your way! Keep these in mind, and you will climb your way to the peak of this semester with ease!

Matt Hodak is a senior, Communication Studies major and a transfer student at CSU.


Holocaust Awareness Week Events: March 1st through 8th

Holocaust victims are recognized by a series of events. Survivors share stories of their personal accounts of the horrifying, catastrophic events that occurred over 80 years ago. The theme to this years’ awareness week is “Never Again!?” All events are free and open to the public:

Field of Flags: A Field of Flags ceremony will begin March 1 and run through March 8 on the Lory Student Center Plaza. The flags represent the different groups murdered during the Holocaust, with each flag representing 5,000 victims.

Volunteer for Litany of Martyrs: A Litany of Martyrs will be held 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Wednesday, March 6, in the Sunken Lounge of the Lory Student Center. During this time, volunteers take turns reading names of Jewish victims of the Holocaust. "The Dead Weight of Complacency," an exhibit provided by the Colorado Coalition for Genocide Awareness and Action and Mizel Museum in Denver, will be available during the readings. The exhibit reflects upon the definition of genocide, outlines the stages of genocide and displays a timeline of genocides that have occurred over history.

Keynote shares story of survival: Renate Justin, a survivor of the Holocaust, will share her story of survival beginning at 7 p.m. Monday, March 4, in the LSC Theatre. Justin, who has practiced family medicine for 50 years, has received recognition for having written numerous articles recounting her life achievements and personal history. Her latest book, "The last time I felt safe," recounts her experiences with anti-Semitism during the Holocaust in Nazi Germany and then later in America.


Schindler's List: The movie, “Schindler’s List,” will be shown at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 5, in the LSC Theatre. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the film tells the story of Oskar Schindler, a German businessman who saved the lives of more than a thousand Jewish people during the Holocaust.

Son of survivors speaks: On Wednesday, March 6, Students for Holocaust Awareness will join Women at Noon to host Ilan Levy, a Fort Collins resident whose father and mother were both survivors of the Holocaust. Levy will talk about his life and his family’s struggle to survive the Holocaust at noon in Lory Student Center Room 220.

Anti-Semitism on campuses: That evening, Deborah Lipstadt will discuss anti-Semitism on American campuses. Lipstadt, a professor of modern Jewish history at Emory, has won numerous awards for her books about Holocaust denial. Lipstadt also was a historical consultant for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and helped design the section of the museum dedicated to the American response to the Holocaust. She was appointed by President Clinton to the United States Holocaust Memorial Council on which she served two terms. From 1996-1999, Lipstadt served as a member of the U.S. State Department Advisory Committee on Religious Freedom Abroad, where she helped advise Secretary of State Madeline Albright. The event begins at 7 p.m. in the Behavioral Sciences Building Room 131.

Memorial Service: On Friday, March 8, a short Memorial Service will be held at 1 p.m. in Lory Student Center Room 230 to close the week.


Tips and Tricks from your Transfer Mentors!


Eat a banana before a test! They provide a natural source of energy, boost brain performance, and help with digestion! And they are perfect for on the go! Don’t leave home without one!

-- Andrea

A fantastic resource offered at CSU is the Career Center. The Career Center offers numerous services to help you meet your career and collegiate goals! I have personally used them to help me create a fantastic resume and overlook cover letters for applications. I plan to continue using this amazing resource during my time at CSU, and I fully recommend that you do too! Visit: to set up an appointment and start on the path to success.

-- Ellie

Go ahead and make an effort to get to know your professors. They are people, too, and while the have interests in the classes they teach, they have interest in life outside of academia as well! Finding just one or two interesting things about the professor will help you see him or her on a more relatable level. In turn, this may help you further appreciate their material and teaching style as well!

-- Matt

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Do what I do! JOB OPPORTUNITY within our (Orientation and Transitions Programs) Office: Orientation and Transition Programs in the Center for Advising and Student Achievement (CASA) is currently seeking Transfer Mentors and Transfer Community Leaders for fall 2013. Follow this link to see a full job description and application!

Email your transfer mentor with questions!

INTRAMURALS: Are you looking to meet new people and stay active well into the Spring semester?

We are creating Intramural Sport teams specific to transfer students like you at a discounted rate of only $5 per player for the whole session!

This session, there are three sports available:

1. Indoor Flag Football

2. Outdoor Soccer

3. Volleyball

This session runs from March 25 – April 15, and your team will play once per week. The time of the games will depend on your team’s availability.If any of these sports interest you and you would like to be involved, please fill out the Interest Form at:


Be sure to check for the WEEKLY RAFFLE QUESTION posted on the Colorado State University Transfer Students (Spring 2013) Facebook page!

The first 50 people to respond to the question of the week will be entered to win great prizes!

The winner will be announced on the Facebook page the following week. Send responses to the question of the week to

To check out our FACEBOOK page, click here!






You have all heard the saying, “Great things come in small packages.” Snuggles, accompanied by friends Ringo and Buttercup, visited the annual 1870’s dinner, February 8th, to share her heartwarming story with hundreds of attendees. Neither your average story nor steed, Snuggles is a miniature horse, barely reaching an average man’s waist. At a month old she lost her left eye due to an infection while glaucoma and cataracts limited the sight in her right eye.

In 2008, Snuggles embarked on a 600 mile road trip from Lubbock, Texas to Colorado State University Veterinary Hospital to undergo surgery to treat her glaucoma by reducing her eye pressure to an ordinary level. Dr. Cynthia Powell, Snuggles’ Fort Collins veterinarian explains that glaucoma causes an accumulation of fluids.Left untreated, this results in mounting pressure in the eye leading to eventual blindness.


Snuggles returned to Fort Collins February 8th, five years later, for her check-up, receiving the thumbs-up.Now Snuggles is back in Texas doing what she does best— as a therapy horse for equine guided therapy in nursing homes, children’s shelters, or anyone who needs a brightening of their day.

Snuggles horse

  • "Only in Colorado will you see people biking to class with ski goggles on in a blizzard. Love this state."

  • "You know you spend to much time at school when you have a favorite bathroom stall, and are mad at other people for using it when you need to go."

  • "Trying to scare the squirrels on campus is like trying to scare Freddy Krueger, not to mention making you look like an idiot."

  • "One shouldn't nap in the library basement if one tends to snore."

  • "The moment you answer 'A' seven times in a row and realize you probably didn't study enough."

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Campus Rec


Fort Collins Happenings:

6th Annual Great Plates Event

Beginning March 1st, the Downtown Business Association and other local businesses are joining efforts to celebrate the 6th annual "Great Plates" event. "Great Plates" is a two week event offering breakfast and dinner specials at more than 35 Old Town restaurants. Each restaurant will exhibit its culinary talents, offering exclusive dining specials! Begin your Great Plate 2013 adventure with breakfast specials for $2.50 and cap off an evening with a dinner special for $25.

Donations from this event support the the Food Bank of Larimer County. Last year, Great Plates collectively raised $20,800 equivalent to over 83,000 meals for people in our community.

Pick up the Fort Collins Coloradoan on March 7th or check out the February 28th edition to find a full program with each restaurant's special!

For more information, visit:

To see more happenings, visit


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