Year 2 Otp Staff

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Getting to Year 2 @ CSU?

Getting to Year 2 @ CSU is designed to help first-year students begin thinking about how they will navigate challenges they may face in their second year. This semester-long campaign has compiled resources and programs from around campus that students can utilize as they begin thinking about their transition into their second year. Whether their concerns pertain to housing, studying abroad, selecting a major, or staying connected - Getting to Year 2 @ CSU is here to help!

How Does it Work?

Getting to Year 2 @ CSU includes one-time events, as well as on-going initiatives that can be completed at any point during the semester. First-year students can attend, or participate, in any of the initiatives included in the Getting to Year 2 @ CSU campaign! Not only will students receive valuable information pertaining to their second year at CSU, but they will also be entered into a chance to win sweepstake prizes by engaging in multiple initiatives.

Participation will be tracked during the semester and winners will be announced at the beginning of May 2018. In addition to these prizes, students will receive free door prizes at certain events. CLICK HERE for a list of programs and initiatives that can count towards the raffle.

How can students stay up to date?

All first-year students living in the residence halls will receive a postcard in their mailbox at the start of the semester listing all initiatives taking place in the spring. Additionally, students will receive bi-monthly emails from Getting to Year 2 @ CSU which will highlight upcoming initiatives, as well as provide students with tips and important information for their second year. Finally, students are encouraged to visit the Orientation and Transition Program website ( to learn more!