Year 2 Otp Staff

Getting to Year 2 @ CSU

Are you starting to think about your second year?

Getting to Year 2 @ CSU is a semester long program with events designed for first-year students in their second semester. Get the information you need to successfully transition into your second year at CSU! Learn about resources for housing, academic success, involvement, career readiness, and more.   

Getting to Year 2 @ CSU will take place throughout February - April! Participation will be tracked during the semester and winners will be announced at the beginning of May 2018. The more events that students attend, the more chances they are entered into the raffle. First-year students who engage in Getting to Year 2 @ CSU initiatives are eligible to win prizes such as Ramcash, meal swipes, secure bicycle parking, or a FREE parking pass for the 2018-2019 academic year (a $520 value)! In addition to these prizes, students will receive free door prizes at certain events. CLICK HERE for a list of programs/initiatives that count towards the raffle.

For questions or additional information, feel free to contact Orientation & Transition Programs, (970) 491-6011 or